Our philosophy as a business is to deliver high-quality straight-talking town planning advice and tailored services to businesses and individuals. There really is no job too big or small as we have planning experience helping homeowners with fences and property developers with 15 storey buildings.

We really pride ourselves on our professional integrity and will always offer free initial planning advice to anyone who requires it. As a result, if we believe your development project has planning merit and that it could receive planning permission, we will happily take the project on and begin working towards different planning strategies to achieve your desired outcome. However, should we feel that planning permission for development is unattainable we will be very straight forward about this and likely refuse instruction for that scheme. In this we affirm that we are acting in the best interests of our clients and maintain a high level of trust and professional integrity as required by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Whether we work with clients for over a year or spend 30 minutes providing them with planning advice, we have found that everyone who engages with us really appreciates this open and candid quality of Alpha Planning and Development and it is this philosophy which drives us to deliver an ordinary service extraordinarily well.


Alpha planning and development limited is a small boutique planning consultancy based in Swansea South Wales. We are a highly specialised consultancy with expertise in town planning and development with experience in over 30 local planning authorities throughout England and Wales.

Working as a planning officer at Vale of Glamorgan I had a real passion for helping the public understand the planning system and how to carry out their developments lawfully. Then, after two years in the private sector, I decided to set up Alpha Planning and Development as a small consultancy which I worked on during the evenings and on weekends to return to my passion of helping individual householders with extensions, boundary treatments, driveways and the planning basics. This passion to deliver a high-quality and affordable service translated into Alpha receiving many referrals from initial clients and these organically became minor developments so I quickly found myself helping small businesses and people wishing to erect private leisure developments.

After nearly a year of working through Alpha, I decided to take the project on as a full-time business and as of July 2020 became a fully incorporated limited business and VAT registered and now looking to establish Alpha as one of the primary planning consultancies in South and West Wales. We can undertake any householder, minor or major development in a multitude of different sectors including residential, commercial, retail, leisure, renewable energy and minerals. We regularly work with other specialist consultants such as architects, engineers, highways, ecologists archaeologists acoustic consultants and more.

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