Motorbike Track & Business Use (July 2019)

AlphaPD have submitted a Pre-application advice enquiry to Neath Port Talbot Council for the development of a motorcycle park and business near Ystradgynlais. Local people have used the site as an informal motorcycle track for approximately 40 years without planning consent. The site also suffers from regular fly tipping which causes harm to the site and local amenity. The applicant has been in contact with the Local Councillor and Police whom both support the lawful development of this motorbike track to help deal with these issues.

The client is interested in securing planning permission to develop the site for motorsport use and establish a business where motorbike enthusiasts can utilise the site in a lawful, regulated and safe environment. The motorcycle track has already been established, but this proposed development would include the provision of a container which will act as storage and W/C near the site entrance and parking provision for up to 9 vehicles. The track would be open on every other Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm and the applicant has stated that the business would accommodate up to 25 customers each open day, most arriving by bike and at different times of day. There would be two volunteers on-site to marshal the activities. No hardstanding is proposed with this development as the access and parking will be laid with a porous grid system which will provide stability for vehicles on wet days.

Household Animal Crematorium (June 2019)

AlphaPD have submitted a Pre-application advice enquiry to Blaby District Council for the development of a household animal crematorium in Leicester.

This submission proposes the change of use from an A1 retail shop to a Sui Generis pet crematorium. It is intended that the business would offer a suitable and respectful setting for the cremation of deceased family pets on-site. The remains would be stored in body bags and the employees will collect these remains to be brought on-site through the rear entrance. Alternatively, customers may travel to the premises before handing animal remains to employees of the business. The remains will then be stored in specialist refrigeration before being individually incinerated within 48 hours of arrival with the i8-75A animal incinerator. This device is DeFER approved and would be housed in a structure within the rear courtyard (attached). The technical specification of this device can be seen here: The main shop area will be utilised as a front office and meet and greet funeral directors’ foyer for customers to pay final respects through a small service.

Children's Forest School (May 2019)

AlphaPD are currently preparing a full planning application to Basingstoke and Dean Council proposing to a new forest school for the Muddy Puddle Club in the adjacent land north of Audleys Wood Hotel.

This planning application proposes a business use at the site location into a forest school. This is a very low impact educational scheme that takes adults and children into the woodland to learn about ecology, nature and survival. Access will be sort via the farm track to the south-west which connects to the B3046 or the two bus stops on the A339 to the east which is serviced by the 13X and 613 services. This application proposes 10 parking spaces be located in the adjacent field west of the site as this is already connected to the south-west farm track an is already laid with hardcore from past development. The parking site is already connected to the woodlands; thus, no material would be required to change the landscape. The activities within the site will not involve the development of any infrastructure or equipment but will involve walks through the woods and small presentations within a small group More information about activities and the nature of forest school can be viewed at the Muddy Puddle Club website at

Residential Application (April 2019)

We are currently submitting a reserved matters application to Harrow Council proposing an a new residential design. 

The main differences between this design and the previously approved plans which formulated application P/0267/18, include the re-positioning of the cross gable and the introduction of an open canopy on the side elevation.

We have been instructed to produce a set of new plans (click right image) and submitted the overall application in April 2019.

Equestrian Ménage & Business Use (April 2019)

AlphaPD are currently submitting a full planning application to Basingstoke and Dean Council proposing to retain a business use and to redevelop the site.

The existing site is utilised by PonyTLC to help provide equine therapy to to provide learning and confidence in a private and calm setting. There are currently outbuildings within the site but this fresh application is seeking fresh and consistent structures for the business along with a 30 by 50 metre horse menage enclosed with timber bar fencing. These new facilities will allow Pony TLC to operate comfortably throughout the year whilst increasing safety for riders due to the new sand finished ménage.

We have been instructed to produce a set of new plans (click left image) and submitted the overall application in April 2019.

Agircultural Building (March 2019)

AlphaPD have been instructed to prepare, submit and manage a full planning application to Dartmoor National Park proposing to a new agricultural building to the south-west of South Brent.

The proposed barn would be situated within a paddock adjacent to the Glenbrook Estate and would serve as a storage building to help support livestock. The development site has two particular constraints that we have had to overcome, including potential flooding and topography to which we are working with consultants to resolve.

The elevation plans have been produced by Chart Stables (click left image) and the application was  submitted in March 2019.


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